Tide jasmine & rose Detergent Powder 1 kg


  • Tide Plus Double Power has STAIN MAGNETS which remove the toughest of stains to give you stainless whites
  • The improved formulation and enzyme system is specially designed to beat tough kitchen stains and give outstanding whiteness
  • Tide Plus Double Power is available in a range of amazing, iconic fragrances – Jasmine&Rose and Lemon&Mint
  • Tide Plus Double Power is suitable for both whites and coloured clothes


About this Item

New Tide + with Double Power detergent, now with the added Power of Bar, has been developed to bring you brilliant whiteness on your clothes. It removes dirt even from washed clothes to give you even better cleaning. The enzyme formula in the washing powder helps in washing away the toughest stains on the clothes, thus making them look bright and fresh


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