Sunfeast Yippee Magic Masala Instant Noodles Vegetarian


  • Yippee noodles has no artificial colours added in the masala and has the goodness of wheat protein in the block
  • So go on and take a long slurp of the non-sticky and yummy Yippee noodles
  • Enjoy the delicious blend of unique spices and five different types of dehydrated vegetables in a forkful of sunfeast Yippee! ‘S magic masala


About This Item

Sunfeast Yippee Noodles with Magic Masala is quick snack which can be prepared as an afternoon delight for your children. The instant noodles that have been quite popular among children because of the quick turnaround time are now available with masala or spices which add to the taste of the food. This is a 100% vegetarian food item which is normally cooked within 5 minutes.


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