Listerine Cavity Fighter Mouth Wash, 250ml


  • This pack contains 3 units of Listerine Cavity Fighter Mouthwash 250 ml
  • Brushing can miss a billion germs, which may lead to various oral problems
  • Listerine reaches all parts of your mouth, removes 99.9% germs and helps strengthen teeth and prevent cavities
  • The power of 4 essential oils combined with sodium flouride in Listerine Cavity Fighter mouthwash helps strenthen teeth and prevent cavities
  • Ideal for those who have orthodontic attachments, helps to clean the areas in the mouth which brushing misses


About this Item

Listerine mouth wash cavity efficiently creates a protective fluoride layer on teeth to make them resistant to decay. It provides protection against cavities and keeps the teeth as well as gums stronger and healthier. It makes teeth enamel stronger and resistant to erosion. This mouthwash removes bad odour from the mouth and provides fresh and long lasting breath. It helps to remove and prevent plaque and provides whiter teeth.


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