HEAD & SHOULDERS Anti-Hairfall Shampoo (180 ml)


  • Promotes healthy and silky hair
  • Repairs hair fall and damage with regular use
  • Removes dandruff
  • It is ideal for daily use


About this Item

Women are so much in love with their hair and want the best products to take care of their hair. Head and Shoulders comes with this Anti-hairfall Shampoo, the perfect caretaker. The Head and Shoulders Anti-hairfall Shampoo is formulated with the hydrazinc technology to solve your dandruff issue. Also, the conditioning system in this Anti-hairfall Shampoo improves the texture of your hair and makes it lustrous. This Anti-hairfall Shampoo penetrates deep into the scalp and nourishes your hair right from the roots to the tips. You can bid farewell to scalp irritation with this Head and Shoulders Shampoo.Besides treating your damaged hair, this unique Anti-hairfall Shampoo also reduces hair fall.


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