Hamam Soap Bar – Neem Tulsi & Aloevera, 150 g


  • Natural skin protection
  • Complete bathing experience
  • Recommended by doctors and is suitable for all
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About This Item

Hamam is a brand that has consistently stood by its promise of honesty and safety for the last 89 years and continues to do so. Hamam harnesses the best of nature to provide safety and protection to your skin and that’s why it has stood the test of time as a component of the wisdom mothers pass on to their children to keep them safe. Now your favourite Hamam is available in a pack of 8. It harnesses one of nature’s most potent protectors with 100 per cent pure neem oil and complements it with two of nature’s most effective caregivers – Tulsi and Aloe vera to bring together the best solution to fight your skins battles against dust, sweat and pollution. It does not merely cleanse your skin, it purifies it. Hamam promises you a bath that will evoke the best of nature. Go safe outside with the best ever Hamam skin protection. Go safe outside with the best ever Hamam fragrance. Hamam aims to be your choice of companion as you get ready to step out to take on the challenges of the world. So, what are you waiting for? Try the best ever Hamam Soap and Go Safe Outside.


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