Glow & Lovely Instant Glow Face Wash (100 g)


  •  Clear brighter face
  • Clean instant Glow
  • Soft and smoother feel for a healthy look
  • oosts skin defence It is specially formulated to suit every skin type.


About This Item

Presenting Glow & Lovely Insta Glow face wash (Formerly know as Fair & Lovely) Enriched with multivitamin like Vitamin B3, C & E to nourish and moisturise from within instantly to give you a glow. Deep cleanses to remove dirt and pollution from deep within your skin with every wash. Exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and helps remove bacteria causing germs to unclog pores with every wash. Washes away all skin impurities and boosts skin defence. The facewash effectively cleanses your skin to give you instant moisturisation for your skin. Specially formulated with glycerine, myristic acids, and enriched with multi vitamin, the face wash ensures a bright glowing clear skin


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