Fair and Handsome Radiance Cream For Men, 60g


  • Fair and Handsome is a pioneer and leader in mens fairness category and thus understands mens skin needs the best
  • Compared to womens skin, mens skin sweats more, has a top layer that is 20% thicker, secretes more oil, is rough and dry due to regular shaving and looks uneven. There is a need for specialised cream designed specially for mens tough skin
  • Fair and Handsome has a powerful pro peptide that helps transform mens tough skin and give radiance from within
  • With an advanced formulation the cream gives suoerior oil reduction and radiant skin in just 7 days as compared to womens cream


About this Item

Emami Fair and Handsome have been specially designed for men by Indian and International Skincare Experts, using scientifically tested and clinically proven combinations of Natural Vitamins, Anti-Irritants, Sunscreen filters that protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.



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