Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner, 80 ml


  • Strengthening Dove conditioner designed to help prevent hair fall
  • Contains Nutrilock Actives that strengthen hair from root to tip
  • Instantly detangles and makes hair more manageable
  • 2 way care provides both instant and long term results
  • Deeply nourishes fragile hai
  • Makes hair better and better over time**


About This Item

Fortified with Nutrilock actives that nourish your hair from the roots, the Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner from Dove will give you thicker, shinier and stronger hair. Apply a small amount of conditioner daily after shampooing and wash it off after a 2-3 minutes. This conditioner will help in reducing hair fall and breakage, thus giving you visibly fuller hair that you have always wanted. Buy this 80 ml tube of Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner here and watch your hair love itself.


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