Dabur Almond Hair Oil, 100 ml


  • Dabur Almond Hair Oil helps protect hair from damage and keeps it damage free
  • It is enhanced with the presence of soya protein and Vitamin E which nourishes and moisturises your hair making it softer , smoother and shinier.
  • It strengthens your hair from root to top ensuring stronger hair.


About This Item

Almond Oil is enriched with hair nourishing benefits and helps improve hair growth and its texture. It is loaded with biotin that is good for promoting the hair health. It also keeps hair and scalp protected from sun damage and treats the dandruff issues. And Dabur Almond Hair Oil is made with pure almond that helps you treat hair damage and similar problems with nourishment and gentle care. It has Almond protein and Vitamin E and its regular use helps prevent hair loss, split ends, and many more hair problems. Maintain your hair’s lustre and thickness and prep them with the healthy and nourishing dose of this almond oil


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