Comfort Fab Conditioner Blue 220ml


  • Comfort is an after wash fabric conditioner
  • Provide an active neem based solution that focuses on anti germ aspect along with anti fading and shrinking
  • Contains active conditioning agents that keep clothes soft and shiny
  • Advanced formulation that keeps clothes looking as good as new
  • Antibacterial protection


About This Item

A small step of Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner Morning Fresh (Blue) 1.6l gives your clothes unbeatable shine, that detergent alone cant deliver. Even if you use the best detergents, repeated washing can tangle cloth fibres, making them rough, dull & lifeless. Taking a small step of Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner nourishes the cloth fibres damaged by detergent, giving them new like shine even over repeated washing. Not only shine, our range of fabric softeners gives visible softness to your favourite clothes while also deliveRing a long lasting freshness. How to Use:BUCKET WASH: After washing your clothes with laundry detergent, pour half a cap of Comfort in a bucket of water, and soak your clothes for 5 mins. Remove and dry them.




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