Cardamom (Elaichi), 50g


  • Whole Green Cardamom: is originated in Indian and is used worldwide, especially in tropical and subtropical Asia, in various sweet and savoury food creations
  • Taste Profile: the cardamom spice has a strong and pungent taste with a flavour of lemon and mint. The smoky element of cardamom makes this powder perfect for savoury dishes to add a unique taste
  • Health and Wellness: hari elaichi sabut is a preferred traditional medicine that is used as a digestive aid. Elaichi is the best natural remedy to relieve the symptoms of cough, cold and congestion


About This Item

A part of almost every Indian household, elaichi or cardamom does not only add a rich flavor and aroma but also has countless health benefits. It is a gold mine of essential minerals and nutrients, and besides being a natural mouth freshener, elaichi improves digestion, relieves acidity, fights anemia and detoxifies the body.


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