Bingo Mad Angles – Tomato Madness


  • Looking for a yummy snack to satisfy your 3AM craving? Dig into the pack of Bingo! Mad Angles Tomato Madness
  • Take a bite of this perfectly triangular chip, experience an explosion of tangy flavour in your mouth
  • Feel a part of the crazy La Tomatina festival scene of the very popular Bollywood movie with every bite
  • Made from a corn base, the unique texture of Bingo! Mad Angles chips adds to the crunchy fun


About This Item

Dive into the tangy flavours of tomatoes wrapped and tossed with masalas by choosing Bingo Tomato Madness Mad Angles. Each piece is carefully made using the finest ingredients and roasted to perfection for the finest crisp, with a dash of flavours. So go ahead, buy Bingo Tomato Madness Mad Angles online now!


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